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Over the last two decades, Odisha has been one of the few economies in the country that have consistently performed better than the national average. It has been able to mount a sharp economic recovery post-pandemic clocking double-digit GSDP growth in 2021-22 making it one of the fastest growing economies in India.

Odisha has always been a destination of choice for industries in the metals and minerals sector due to its natural resource advantage. It is the heartland of India’s mineral deposits and the largest producer of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium in the country. It is supported by strong logistic bases at Paradip, Dhamra, and Gopalpur ports connecting the state to the global shipping lanes. At the same time, looking at the changing industrial scenario domestically as well as globally the state has taken concerted measures to broad-base its industrial outlook by identifying priority sectors which are going to be the growth drivers of the state’s economy in the coming decades. The state government is providing investors in these sectors with best-in-class facilitation support and incentives in order to ensure rapid, equitable and sustainable growth.

The Government of Odisha has also been proactively promoting start-ups and has facilitated the setting up of 1,200+ Startups in the state out of which over 33 per cent are led by women entrepreneurs. While infrastructure development, technology and policy frameworks are key to industrial growth, focus on human resources is perhaps equally essential to ensure sustainable growth. The State is home to a large and highly-skilled workforce. The recently established World Skill Centre in Bhubaneswar is preparing the Odia workforce for modern & new age Industry. While Odisha is an emerging industrial hub in the country, it is a leader in the key area of climate resilience and disaster management. In the last two decades, Odisha has developed one of the best disaster preparedness mechanisms along with disaster resilient infrastructure globally. From being a State known for natural disasters to being the leader in disaster management in the world, from being an industrially under-developed economy to being a destination of choice for large manufacturing investments, the Odisha story has been a remarkable story of resilience and growth

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