An enlightened mind, a positive outlook and a practical approach are essential qualities in these unusual, cathartic, and transformative times. We have baked this philosophy in the ongoing thought leadership initiatives of the Mindmine Institute, an independent think-tank for dialogue and conversation.


Our team at the think tank Mindmine Institute, amidst the lockdown has gone digital under the name 'MINDMINE NXT'- the next generation digital version of intellectual conversations built around subjects of importance to industry, economy and to Indians. This is Mindmine's foray into digital streaming, while retaining the fabric of promoting free flowing dialogue.

'Mindmine Mondays' under the aegis of Mindmine NXT is a freewheeling conversation that is beamed across CNBC-TV 18 and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where thought leaders and domain specialists discuss emerging realities, ideas and programmes.

Mindmine Mondays Conversations so far

  1. Corona Crisis: Beyond the Lockdown
  2. Crisis, Churn & Opportunity: The OYO Story!
  3. Fiscal and Monetary Response: How much gunpowder is available? Year 2020: Will Education create its New Normal?
  4. Year 2020: Will Education create its New Normal?
  5. Pandemic and Beyond: Rebooting Public Health
  6. Living with the Virus: How Should Nations, Businesses and Societies Adapt & Adjust?
  7. The Emerging Medical Frontier: Surgery, Cell Engineering and Biologics
  8. Courage Under Fire: Stories From The Pandemic Frontline
  9. Next Generation Healthcare: Individualised, Remote, Connected, Platform Care
  10. Rediscovering, Reimagining & Remaking India in a Transformed World
  11. Geopolitics of Opportunity: As World Rebalances, How should India Capitalise?
  12. Restarting, Reforming & Remaking India: A Policymaker's View
  13. An India Beyond the Pandemic: Reimagining, Building & Living the Dream
  14. The New Education Policy: Readying and Preparing Students for the World
  15. Industry’s Role in Economy: What lies Ahead?
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Key Speakers

  • Piyush Goyal

    Minister of Railways and Commerce Industry

  • Nirmala Sitharaman

    Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs

  • Nitin Gadkari

    Minister of Road Transport Highways and MSME

  • Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

    Minister of External Affairs

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